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Link to the blog: http://ecopetgame.wordpress.com

Tamagotchi style serious game teaching energy consumption awareness.

Click the clouds to remove them and free the sky to have your pet happy!


Petter Henriksson

Adrien de Rosière

Carlos González Díaz

Explanation of the project:

Our client is an app developer, working together with a farming school on an app designed to arise students' awareness of their energy consumption. The school installed sensors to track the electricity consumption of its building, including students apartments, in real time.

Our part is to develop a game within the app to make it more fun and encourage students to use the app regularly while at the same, time address the issue of energy consumption. From that came the idea of using a pet, that the player has to take care of, both by playing the game and saving energy in real world. To motivate and encourage discussion about energy consumption, the pet's environment is affected by all players energy consumption. If the player takes care of both his/hers consumption and pet, he/she is awarded by getting to play the minigame.

The main challenges we are facing are to make the players care about their pet, to make them understand the connection between the game and their real electricity consumption to balance the in-game reward/penalty with the player's energy savings in real world and, of course, to wrap it all in an entertaining experience!